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When the holiday season approaches, all lovers of cycling hope to enjoy a trip on their bike Find here some best cycling travel destinations.
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When the holiday season approaches, all lovers of cycling hope to enjoy a trip on their bike, travelling routes full of landscapes and roads with different levels and with important challenges that provide the best cycling travel destinations. You can accept these challenges with the best cruiser bikes. We suggested some must-go bike routes.

That is why we have expressly created our next list of some best cycling travel destinations. Destinations that will surely be quite interesting either because of the natural environment of some or because of the popularity of its routes in the middle of the mountain or coast.

Some of Best Cycling Travel Destinations:

Bicycle travel is not only good for health but also has a unique charm. Ride the wind while gazing at the beautiful scenery. It will make you feel better. If you are not in the jungle or backcountry, we recommend travelling around the world on a bicycle.

However, please check the country where bicycle travellers are good to travel first! Here we share the details of the best bike routes around the world.


South America:

Bicycle tours become increasingly famous, especially among tourists who travel through South America. Apart from the long distances to travel, South America is an ideal territory for cycling tourism. The landscapes are both varied and breathtaking, the people friendly, and the resources rather accessible.

In addition, the bike is generally well-received by people. In the United States, the wide aisles are a good safe route for cyclists. It will be a beautiful destination full of surprises and turns out to be a cycling destination for all levels. That’s why bike tours are becoming more fashionable, especially among tourists travelling to South America.

Otago Central Rail Trail:

New Zealand’s Otago Central Rail Trail has been ranked the top 10 bicycle vacation destinations in the United Arab Emirates by The National Magazine. The Otago Central Rail Trail is a 150 km bike and walking trail that runs between Middlemarch and Clyde in Dunedin, the southernmost region of New Zealand’s South Island.

The Otago Trail is built as a scrapped railway and has no steep sections and is gentle. The trail section takes approximately 3 to 5 days to complete in 150 km. There are many cheap places to stay for cyclists, historic hotels and guest houses throughout the course.

The reason why the Otago Trail is so attractive is that it does not carry cars. There are only people, bicycles, cattle and sheep on the road. Sometimes people can enjoy riding along the route. The area is also a former gold mine site, where you can see the buildings and traces of the people during the Gold Rush.

Palma de Mallorca:

Another suggestion of ours is to travel to the Balearic Islands. More specifically it is also known as Palma de Mallorca. This place is popular for having all kinds of land: plains, hills, long and difficult slopes.

Everything is surrounded by a spectacular natural environment. The island offers cyclists the roads and perfect conditions almost all year round to practice or simply enjoy this sport. In recent years it has become a meeting point for many professionals in the sector but also for beginners and amateurs who seek to improve. If you travel to the island and you are looking for a really special challenge, we recommend the Palma de Mallorca.

On the other hand, if you are looking for something simpler and more pleasant, we suggest the route from Palma to Llucmajor. Think, this place and routes will give you amusing cycling experience. Remember, don’t forget to use the best cruiser bikes to travel in this place.


The most practical vehicle to get around Berlin is without a doubt the bicycle. The city has about 900 km of the bike path, making it easy to reach the last tourist spot. You will find routes from 30 minutes to 3 hours depending on the time you have and all of them will offer you a unique experience. Visiting a city has never been so fun!

Berlin is almost completely flat which means that you don’t need a bike with gears.

Miami Beach:

The flat terrain and the segregated lanes for bikes in some sectors of the city make Miami an ideal place to pedal. And some municipalities have public bicycle service. The beach of Miami Beach may not be an international cycling destination. But it is certainly one of our favourites.

Touring a destination by bicycle makes tourists less tourist. If you travel to Miami, renting a bicycle is without a doubt a fantastic option to get to know the surroundings. You can save time and money and also get fit while enjoying your vacations. The coastline of Miami flanked by palm trees, beach, gardens, art deco buildings, skyscrapers, shops and international restaurants will surprise you from the moment you arrive.

But what most strikes us is the joy and energy of the people in the streets, for that reason we believe that a bike ride is ideal to get to know the place thoroughly.

Algarve, Portugal:

The Tour of the Algarve, officially called ” Volta ao Algarve ” is a cycling race by stages that take place in the Algarve area. In Portugal, during the month of February and March. The race is held every year and attracts thousands of tourists, amateurs, and professionals.

The whole area of southern Portugal is ideal for cycling for various reasons as it offers flat roads that run through towns and cities, always enjoying the beautiful southern landscape of the Algarve, making this one the best cycling travel destinations.

Final Verdict:

Getting around by bicycle is a healthy, ecological, cheap and a fun way to go sightseeing. There are many professional cyclists who travel to the most popular corners of the world to travel kilometres of roads and improve their technique and without a doubt, all of the best cycling travel destinations are recommended options to combine holidays and leisure.

If you like to travel in an eco-friendly way don’t miss our Eco-travelling articles.

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