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Eco-Friendly Destinations You Must Visit In 2019

Ecotourism and responsible travel are rising nowadays and for good reasons. Most of the countries realised that they need to protect and preserve what they have, the natural environment. This is for the sake of everyone, local communities, visitors, wild inhabitants and for the greater good of our planet. Some countries even step up this and imposed rules of conservation and taxes. If you [...]

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The Ecotourism Resorts You Need to Visit

Ecotourism has become a big thing in this day and age, and there are so many benefits to it for you; whether that be culturally, environmentally, or personally. It is important to find out as much as possible about this new form of tourism, to help you embrace eco-travel and understand the benefits it can have for the world. Simply put, ecotourism is [...]

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One day in the Arouca Geopark

It was on the 25th of april that means freedom for us Portuguese's, that we decided to spend a day in Arouca Geopark. Before we leave for the adventure we needed to know more about the places we want to visit. After some research, we found an excellent website that helped us immensely in the planning of the trail. Arouca Geopark The Arouca [...]

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15 Things You Should Know About Paiva Walkways [Update]

Here you have 15 things you should know about Paiva Walkways before you go in an adventure through this amazing place. In the Arouca municipality, located in the North of Portugal there’s a crown jewel to eco-travellers, the Paiva Walkways. This is a must do visit if you love nature. You will be taking through a biologic, geologic and archeologic journey in a natural [...]

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