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Exchange Work For Accommodation With Worldpackers

A long time ago travel almost for free seems a myth. But, nowadays it's happening and more people are doing it. Many times they exchange work for accommodation. How? Did you ever hear about Worldpackers? No, we are going to tell you everything. Now is a good time to start travelling. There are plenty of new amazing programs that help you with travelling easier, [...]

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How to experience language and culture authentically

One of the most important things for backpackers and digital nomads is experience language and culture authentically when travelling. For this type of travellers find a good accommodation that promotes local interaction is a major issue, but now they have an easier task with Hippohelp. Hippohelp is a new platform connecting hosts with travellers all around the globe. Travellers provide a few hours [...]

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How to Travel With Your Bike

Travel with your bike for the first time can be an intimidating process especially if you are going overseas.Besides, taking more than one method of transportation can be just as tedious. Below are some outlined options for you if you want to travel with your bike to help you have a stress free bike ride along.  Overseas Travel If you are thinking [...]

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How to Get Cheap Flight Tickets

There isn’t any gold rule for everyone to get cheap flight tickets. However, there are some tricks that can be arranged. Everyone search for the perfect price but as with any purchase, you need to shop around to get the best deal it’s the same with flights tickets. You need to be patient, trying different booking sites, altering your dates and waiting until [...]

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Jobs abroad for Travellers

Working while travelling is something that many long-term travellers do to help fund their adventures. When you go on the adventure you can find lots of jobs abroad for travellers, just do some research and you will discover the most adequate for your type of travel. We have compiled a list of possibilities that you can use to find your perfect job abroad. Selection [...]

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How to Choose the Right Backpack

If you intend to choose the right backpack, the first thing you have to consider is the type of trip you are going to make. There are two main versions, backpacking or an expedition. The majority of people reading this will be doing backpacking, a trip where you intend to travel more than one destination or country. You are going to stay in [...]

By |2019-02-03T22:18:58+01:00June 27th, 2016|Travel Gear and Tech, Travel resources|

15 Ways to Grow your Travel Fund

Even before you hit the road money it’s important. In order to go on the adventure, you have to grow your travel fund. Most of the time you don’t need a big saving for your trip, but think smart, be wise, make a plan so you don’t run out of money quick. Here is a simple exercise that can minimise costs and grow [...]

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We aren't running away from problems

Most people that we know say that our idea of travelling the world is to running away from problems. They think this isn't the right way to solve them. They are totally wrong, we aren't running from problems, we are running away from people... In Ytravelblog.com they said: “80% of travellers are running away from something in their lives”  and this is some kind of [...]

By |2019-02-03T22:19:00+01:00June 25th, 2016|Get inspired, Travel resources|
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