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Inspiration articles that will make you want to travel the world.

When you decide to change your life you will frequently face problems, disappointments, fears, etc… Here you can find articles that gonna help you handle all these questions and will make you get inspired. You can learn how to deal with your family, friends and haters, discover what travelling can do for you and when is the best moment to travel.

We aren’t running away from problems

Most people that we know say that our idea of travelling the world is to running away from problems. They think this isn't the right way to solve them. They are totally wrong, we aren't running from problems, we are running away from people... In Ytravelblog.com they said: “80% of travellers are running away from something in their lives”  and this is some kind of [...]

Why You Should Never Stop Dreaming

When you wake up and feel that your life is wrong, you hate your job or just something is missing in your life it's because you stop dreaming. Every day it's a new opportunity to make your dreams come true so, don't waste it. Find what Rebecca Undem say about that. Dreaming is all about finding yourself, finding your goals and live a [...]

Right Time To Travel The World!

Finding the right time to travel it’s like finding gold, much people ask for this but never have a suitable answer, neither do I. In fact, like Nomadic Matt say it’s never the right time to travel in our lives. When we are young, we have energy and time but, not the means. Then when we’re at middle-age, we have means and energy [...]

“I’m taking off to travel the world” How to convince your family

When you have an innovative idea it’s difficult to convince your family. The hardest it convinces your family that you are going to travel the world. Even if it's your dream you always going to find someone that will think you’re crazy, unrealistic or go to a life crisis. My biggest fear it’s been this, announce to my close family and friends that [...]

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