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How to Become a Professional Travel Blogger

Have you ever dreamed of travelling the world and blog about your adventures? Do you want to become a professional travel blogger?  

Well, we have that dream too and here we gonna share how we have done it. Starting your own blog it's fast and you don't need knowledge about coding, HTML or web design. We will walk you through all the steps but first, get to know our history creating this blog.

When we decide to change our lives and travel the world, we were very excited but when we thought better, things start to complicate. We are leaving everything behind to travel but we don't know how we gonna sustain us in the future. We started by looking at other travellers and how they maintain their nomad life. The most of them have a blog and the most succeed are earning a lot of money from it.

"So we decide to create a professional travel blog."

Create your own travel blog can be easy if you don't wanna make it profitable and only share your adventures. Thisn't our plan, like us, you want to earn some money from your blog. Let's start by being realistic and understand that create a professional travel blog can be hard and only a few people have achieved the goal of full-time bloggers.

We don't wanna to discourage you but prepare for a hard path. If you want something you must fight with all your strength for it.

The good news is that travel blogging interest is growing and people want more and more information about travelling. Furthermore, companies and travel agencies are finally starting to see that travel bloggers can be a valuable marketing tool. There are opportunities for starting bloggers if you do it right and produce great content like writing, photographies and videos.

Now that you have a basic idea of what you should expect, let's find what our guide can do for you.

Why use this guide?

When we decided to create this blog, we already knew that we are going to make a tutorial about how to became a professional travel blogger. So we took notes about everything and now we gonna share our knowledge with you...

Many of the existing tutorials and guides only explain how to setup your blog and use technical language that can be hard to understand for a beginner. This is our biggest problem when we were begun and we decide that our guide would be user-friendly and explain all the steps to create a successful and professional travel blog.

Tips to consider before starting

TIP ONE: Be realistic

To become a professional travel blogger takes a lot of work and dedication. It can be frustrating since you need a lot of time to see results. Even if you dedicate months to your blog you shouldn't expect to see great success. Progress sooner or later will come if you do things right and be committed to your project. Create a successful blog it's a full-time job and to conciliate with another job is hard. If you are certain that's your dream you should motivate yourself and don't quit when you feel frustrated.

TIP TWO: Initial Travel Money

Before we going to travel we started this blog, because we think it's better to establish a foundation of our blog, before we hit the road. You need to travel before you can be a good travel blogger and that represent costs. You need to have a good amount of money to start your career since you will need to finance your travels and equipment to work on your blog. Most of the bloggers don't see great income in the first year so be prepared to don't end up without money and have to quit your project.

TIP THREE: Creat a Hybrid Blog

There are two types of blogs, a personal one where people describe their adventures and an informational where bloggers create content to help their audience. These two types can be successful but if you wanna be an influential blog you should create a hybrid between these types. Most successful travel bloggers create this type of blog that combines the personal reports of day-to-day travel with more in-depth guides to help costumers.

TIP FOUR: Write about what you like

Writing articles can be hard and if you don't like the subject more difficult it's. If you love travelling you don't write about politics or economy. You must focus on your passion and write will never look like a job but a pleasure.

TIP FIVE: Don't focus on making money

As we told before, making money from your travel blog needs time and effort. You need to have a solid foundation to attract visitors  and start making a profit. In the begin, you need to focus on the content of your blog and not in making it profitable. If you make a blog that has poor content and lot of publicity or selling things your visitor don't come back and you don't earn money. Plan your future based on the present and don't try to skip important steps.

Now that you have this tips, you are ready to start our step-by-step guide.

7 Steps Guide to Create a Travel Blog

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The non-fail method to become a professional travel blogger

Following our complete guide makes your task easy and simple as possible. You will find all you need to create your own travel blog from choosing your niche to make a profitable blog.

We are working hard on our blog to accomplish our dream and inspire you to do the same. It would be a pleasure help you, so if you have any question you can contact us and we will answer to your email. Don't hesitate if you have a doubt, we will help you become a professional travel blogger...

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