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Now that you have read our intro about how to start your travel blog (read there if you missed) you are ready to begin creating your blog. The entire process only takes 30 minutes and after that, your blog will be online and ready for you start rocking on the internet.

Choose your niche (topic)

When you start your travel blog, choosing the niche (topic) it’s absolutely critical. If you wanna make of this a hobby and don’t earn money you shouldn’t care about this and write about what you like.

If you wanna make a living at this, your niche (topic) will determine if you are going to succeed or failure in the future so don’t miss this part. You need to study the marketplace to find the best opportunity for you.

Tips to find your niche

  • First, choose a topic that you love, if you wanna make a travel blog that will be travel;
  • Make a list of people that you know well and ask them what is their needs about your topic, they will be you audience sample;
  • Next, write all their needs and search for them on google or Google Trends;
  • See how the topic is trending and how many competition that have;
  • Identify what topic have less competition and the quality of them (you must think if you can do better)
  • Now you are ready to choose the right niche.

Don’t forget that you must like that topic or you will lose the will to write about it. But you should consider the online marketplace. Try to conciliate this two things and will end up choosing the right one.

When we started this blog, we know that will be about travelling because we love to travel. But the travel niche is saturated with blogs. So we look for a specified niche and because we love nature and ecology we search about eco-travelling and find that topic is trending and don’t have much competition. We associated this topic with backpacking and end up with our niche: Eco-Travelling Backpackers.

When you decide your niche you are ready to move on.

Choose a blog platform

Before you can start your travel blog, you need to choose your blogging platform. There’s a lot to choose from, like WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger and more….

However, WordPress is definitely the best blogging platform and count with 72 millions of users. WordPress have a lot of benefits compared to other platforms like:

  • Free to use (have a good amount of free themes, plugins and add-ons that others don’t offer);
  • Very easy to set up;
  • Secure; WordPress is always updating and keeping your site protected from attacks;
  • Highly customizable with hundreds of themes, plugins and options so you can give your personal touch to the blog;

In our blog, we use WordPress and this tutorial will focus on that platform. Other blog platforms look ok but nothing compares to WordPress and we highly recommend the use of it.


WordPress offers a totally free option in WordPress.com and if you want to make a personal blog only for hobby this is the right platform for you since:

  • It’s free forever, however, you can upgrade your blog to fulfil your needs ;
  • It’s super easy to setup since it’s all managed for you automatically;

WordPress.com have benefits for some kind of blogs but if you want to make a professional and profitable blog you shouldn’t choose WordPress.com since:

  • You don’t have full control of your content, the blogging platform does and can shut down your blog when they want;
  • Your site name doesn’t be unique, consider yoursitename.com as the name that you want, in wordpress.com you can only have yoursitename.wordpress.com;
  • WordPress.com makes money from your blog putting publicity on it but you can’t monetize your blog so you can’t earn a cent from it;
  • You can’t use the many plugins, add-ons and tools from self-hosted WordPress.org;


Putting this if you want to start you travel blog and like to make it professional and profitable you should choose a self-hosted platform like WordPress.org. A self-hosted platform is free but you need to have a domain and hosting provider that is paid so you can install WordPress and start building your blog.

WordPress.org offers hundreds of free plugins, themes and add-ons so you can customise your blog and make it more appeal, besides that you have total control over your blog content, appearance and monetization.

Pick a domain name

Now that you have defined your niche and choose the blog platform it’s time to pick a domain name so you can start your travel blog.

A domain name is a unique name that defines your site URL and identity. For this blog our domain is thewisetravellers.com and if you search for it on a search engine you will find wherever you are.

Picking up your domain name can be hard since you need to find a unique name that isn’t registered, you can verify your idea on NameCheap. Normally takes 10€ to register your domain for one year but if you follow our affiliation link you can grab it for about 4€ on NameCheap or for free if you purchase a web-host on SiteGround.

To choose the right domain name you should consider:

  • Your name should be unique and descriptive, so your audience can immediately know what your blog is about;
  • It should be easy to pronounce, in that way people will better remember it and it will be easy to share with others;
  • The gold domain extension is .com but you can use .org or .net and will work fine. Don’t pick up others like .biz .xyz or .site, these extensions are less know and look more unprofessional.
  • If the domain name you choose is already picked you can add words make it available, for example, if yourdomain.com isn’t available you can try theyourdomain.com or yourdomainblog.com.

Find the perfect domain name should take some time because you can’t change it after buying it, you need to have sure about it. When you have your domain name it’s time to advance to the Web-Hosting provider.

Choose a Web-Host provider

A web host is an online service provider by a company that stores all your web-site files and data in their service and provide them to your costumers when they access to your web-site. You must have a web host if you pretend to start your travel blog.

Choosing a bad host can ruin your project since your web-site will be slow and can have downtimes frequently. Choosing a good host it’s one of the most important steps when to start your travel blog. There are many different hostings in the market but our recommendation for a starter blogger is SiteGround. In our blog we use a Siteground host and we are very happy with that because:

  • They offer a simple way to install WordPress with just a few clicks;
  • They offer a domain name registration for free if you pick up a hosting plan for a year;
  • Their servers are fast. Siteground has a partnership with CloudFlare so you can easily set up you web-site for fast loading time. We will talk more about CloudFlare further in the tutorial;
  • They add security measures to their servers like account isolation and hack protection;
  • And finally, they provide great customer service 24/24 hours by email, phone or web chat.

Siteground is a great web hosting and you can subscribe their 1-year start-up plan for about 3,95€ per month with domain registration, CloudFlare integration and services like Supercacher that makes your web-site faster.

Next step

Now that you have chosen your web-site topic, domain name and web host provider you are ready to start your travel blog. In the next step, you will find how to set up your web host, install WordPress and the basic settings.

If you have any doubt until now you contact us for free and we will help your setup you blog.

Step 2: WordPress Setup


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