We aren’t running away from problems

People say that travelling the world is running away from problems and isn't the right way to solve them. Maybe, they are wrong. You must follow your dreams.
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Most people that we know say that our idea of travelling the world is to running away from problems. They think this isn’t the right way to solve them. They are totally wrong, we aren’t running from problems, we are running away from people…

In Ytravelblog.com they said: “80% of travellers are running away from something in their lives”  and this is some kind of true but we will show you our opinion.

Many people think that nomad travellers, backpackers or vagabonds travellers are escaping real life and problems. They think travelling and leave everything behind is irresponsible and ruthless. What they don’t understand is that we are running from people like them, that don’t have dreams and live their “perfect” life at work from 8 am to 5 pm. We aren’t escaping from reality but fighting for our way of life, our dream.

A great part of people lives their life like society want, a perfect sheep or a slave of work. This way they never care about the world or the others. Only money and themselves it’s important. For all that they study, get a job, work hard, marry, have kids and die…


When they see a person accomplishing their dreams and live a great life, have jealous and will try everything to stop that person. Because they can’t see that others have the courage for living the life they want. Don’t let that kind of people stop you and go run, go away as much as you can from them.

Running away is more than just left everything

Normally people think that long-term travellers or nomads have big problems. An awful, miserable life or pass through a traumatic event and now they are running from all of this. They are wrong and you’re wrong if you think like this. In our case, we have ‘normal’ lives with problems like others. However, we begin to see the world with different eyes because of our curiosity. We started to be interested in themes that most people don’t like. Also, we started to interrogate ourselves of the meaning of life and our culture and values. Lastly, we notice that our society is falling apart and people continue to follow a way of life that doesn’t make sense.

People are destroying our planet and our humanity. They’re selling their conscience for money and wasting life in something that doesn’t make sense. We can’t support life like that and try to teach our friends and family what is really happening in our society, but they don’t understand and started to see us as weirdos and revolutionary. No one cares about what we try to share and with time we start losing the majority of our friends. We became unemployed either because we don’t agree to be slaves of money and follow other people rules.

“Our life is falling apart…”

Our first thought after that wore leaving everything behind and run fast as we can. But we are conscious people and don’t wanna run away just to escape problems. We must have a plan, we must decide what is the propose of our life. After researching a lot we figure out what we want to be nomadic travellers. Travel the world, experience all the cultures, taste all the flavours, see every monument and embrace our humanity is our goal.

Life is the most precious gift and is meant to be lived with passion and without fears. Don’t let others decide what you have to do with your life. If you’re breaking the chains, seeing outside the box and running through your own reality, you are truly living.

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