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We are a Portuguese Sustainable Blog. Two nature lovers and travel enthusiasts that decide to take the road and explore the world…

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About the project

Every Moment Counts

Currently, tourism around the world has been increasing significantly, contributing to the serious deterioration of natural ecosystems of our Planet.

This affluence associated with the behaviour of tourists caused irreversible damage, for example, in deforestation and contributed to the rise of endangered species.

When we became acquainted with this problem, we decided that socio-environmental preservation would be our purpose in travels and life. 

Against this problem, we create a project called:

“Sustainable Steps – a new way of travelling”

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Making a better World

What drives us are our values ​​of responsible tourism, social balance and local experiences.

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Responsible Tourism

Our project calls the awareness of tourists to environmental problems and promotes responsible ways of travel. So, that future generations can enjoy the places we visit today.

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Social Equilibrium

It is important for local communities, that tourists collaborate to boost their economy. They must interact with the population without questioning culture and the surrounding environment.

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Local Experiences

As bloggers, it is important to share the emotions we experienced during our travels. Interactions with local people, the environment and participation in ecological activities are our priorities.


How we will help


As documental cinematography lovers, we decided that the main final product of our project will be a documentary titled: “Sustainable Steps – A new way of travelling”. In this, we share our vision of how responsible tourism can achieve by raising awareness of travellers to environmental issues.


Besides the final documentary, during our trip, we will create videos of the places we visited and the experiences we lived, sharing them on our Youtube channel. These will contain guides and tips on how to travel ecologically, promote environmental organisations and weekly news of our trip.


In our blog, we will put articles as our trip unfolds. These will contain everything a traveller needs to know. Including how to get around, where to stay, what to do, advises and personal opinions. Besides, we intend to share activities and experiences related to nature conservation.


Throughout our trip, we will compile all the necessary information to later create full guides by countries/cities. These will provide a complete perspective on how to organize a trip in a sustainable way, including itineraries, places to visit, the best time to go and activities.


Lastest Posts

Read all the latest ecotourism articles and discover more about the issues related.  

It depends of  
to save our Planet

Nature preservation is a subject of extreme importance nowadays and depends on each of us to contribute to the adjustment required. It doesn’t take much to change. You can be part of this and help make a better world. Contact us if are interested in be our partner or support the project.

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Photo by Josh Hild
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