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We are here to help you with your trips. Our itineraries have all that you need to planning before going. We have collected value information from our trips. With that, you can relax and enjoy a great journey.

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About Us

Who We Are

Who We Are

The Wise Travellers are a couple of eco-travellers from Portugal. They create this blog to share their work while travelling and show the readers how to travel in an eco-friendly way.

They set up an eco-tourism project to aware their audience to tourism-related environmental problems. In the past months, they develop photography, filmmaking and blogging skills to produce great content on their first trip to Southeast Asia. Their main goal is to create a community of travellers that share the passion of Travelling for Nature.

Sandrina has experience in digital marketing and copywriting, Tiago is a professional Web Designer with experience in creating diversified websites. Together they have the skills that you are looking for.

Our Audience

How many people we reach

More than numbers, we want to be mindful, not just another website or blog. We still are a little community but, we hope with time we become a big community of conscious travellers. We aim to be inspirational and change minds; our main focus is in tourism-related environmental problems, to local communities and animals.

Our audience is mainly composed of young adults, interested in travelling. But, also in eco-friendly lifestyle. See our blog stats and social network number below.

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Our Services

What we can offer

We provide immediate content for your destination that is easily searchable on the web, broadcast to a loyal audience, shared exponentially via social media, and easily tailored to your liking. We can create unique content in text, images or video and provide a variety of services that add value to our partners.

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Brands we have worked with

The Wise Travellers have successfully partnered with some amazing brands national and international. We always try to stay true to ourselves so, we have no intention to collaborate with brands that aren’t eco-friendly and responsible.


Some of our work

We put an effort to create something unique with a positive message. In addition to writing we also make visual content, like photos and videos. Here is some of the work we been done.

Together we can do great things!

We wanted to have an impact on the way people travel. We love to travel and we travel with a purpose.

We are aiming to raise consciousness around the world. We want to people become ‘wise’ as travellers and contribute to the Planet.

Join us! Together we will create a better world!

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