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Hello, we’re The Wise Travellers, Tiago and Sandrina, a couple of nature lovers from Portugal. We had been friends a lifetime and we have so many adventures and stories together, so now it’s time to share with the world.
As kids we dreamed about travelling the world, knowing other cultures and living in harmony with nature. But, like many of you, we have been taught that life it’s all about study hard, get a job, get married and have kids.
We felt that something was missing in our lives.

Life is too short and there's so much to see, so much to do and so much to live.

So we decide to change our life and start living our dream of Travelling for Nature.


Tiago Ferreira

Web Designer

His career started with nursing but his creative will and his taste for travel quickly led him to change his life. He is currently a full time web designer with a passion for photography and video production.

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Sandrina Ferreira


Travelling, nature and helping others are her passion. She took some time of her profession as Social Worker to travel in a sustainable way, write and photograph about the adventures.

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