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10 Places to Have Breakfast & Brunch in Porto

Portugal is a country rich in gastronomy. Food is amazing. You don't want to miss, some of the best places to have breakfast & brunch in Porto...
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The north of Portugal has some of the most appreciated food in the world. To have breakfast & brunch in Porto you will have plenty of choices. No one does traditional food really well as the Portuguese, but on the other hand, they’re not afraid to embrace the new trends.

Every corner in Porto has a good smell of coffee or some delicious cake.  Get up and come explore the city. Where you can find 10 places to have breakfast & brunch in Porto.

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Amarelo Torrada

breakfast & brunch in porto amarelo torrada

Label ‘the best toast in town’ where you can eat a different kind of toasts all of them delicious. In traditional bread, chapatti, cereal, walnut or hazelnut, there are several options to try and prove if it is even so.

But there isn’t only toast there, you can choose between scones, pies and homemade cakes or salads and wraps.

The interior decor is really charming, very clean, high ceilings light and airy. The space with a retro decoration in light tones is created the romantic and cosy atmosphere that invites to be and enjoy a light meal.

You can enjoy the terrace on the hottest days, this tea house is to be reckoned for a very enjoyable breakfast, lunch or snack.


breakfast & brunch in porto diplomata

If you are a pancake lover like me this is a paradise. In Diplomata, pancakes are a key plank of all four brunch menus (from €6), served with butter and honey.

As well as the house speciality, you can order scrambled eggs with bacon, açaí cups, beans with tomato and mushrooms and hot or cold drinks. Here you can have breakfast & brunch and be satisfied at the end.

The place is not so big, but they usually have some tables outside when the weather is good. Prepare yourself to be patient because most of the time they have lots of people so you have to wait for a little for your turn.

Leitaria da Quinta do Paço


Leitaria da Quinta do Paço is well known by sweet lovers because of their artisanal Eclairs with whipped cream. Also, it can be a great place to have breakfast & brunch in Porto.

They serve croissants, toasts with butter and jams, bread, coffee, fresh juices, fruits and yoghurts. You can choose breakfast menus that go from 3€ to 6€, not too expensive and delicious.

For the sweet lover, they have 8 different flavours of Eclairs that you can enjoy with a cup of coffee. The Leitaria da Quinta do Paço opening recently other shops in other cities of Portugal like Lisbon.

Casinha Boutique café

breakfast & brunch in porto casinha boutique cafe

In Casinha Boutique Café you will feel like home, the light colours in the interior contrast with the fresh patio outside. The all-day brunch here democratically treats the annoyingly early risers and slugabeds equally. This place although isn’t in the center of the city, but it’s one of the best places to have breakfast & brunch in Porto for a cheap price.

This place although isn’t in the center of the city, but it’s one of the best places to have breakfast & brunch in Porto for a cheap price.

From €9.90 you can tuck into a croissant or muffin, soup or Greek yoghurt with raspberries, a sandwich or scrambled eggs with ham, and also a slice of cheesecake, apple pie or chocolate cake. The various menu will make it difficult to choose.

The various menu will make it difficult to choose.


breakfast & brunch in porto tavi

Tavi has the best view from all places mentioned, it’s located near the ocean in the Foz neighbourhood. The location and view make this place a little more expensive but it’s one of the best places to have breakfast & brunch in Porto.

Tavi is a great place to relax and enjoy a weekend breakfast or brunch, they serve delicious plates with fresh ingredients and healthy choices, from the famous scrambled eggs, different kinds of bread, salads, sandwiches, pasta and well know Portuguese appetizers.

This is the place if you intend to spend some time enjoying the view and the food, it’s far away from Porto centre but it’s worth the visit.


breakfast & brunch in porto majestic

This Oporto landmark is considered one of the most beautiful cafés in the world. The locals call it Porto’s crown jewel. This historical coffeehouse opened in 1921, with a belle époque architecture and it was the place where artists met up.

This historical coffeehouse opened in 1921, with a belle époque architecture and it was the place where artists met up.

The initial name was  “Elite,” which was soon changed to “Majestic.” Its beautiful decoration justifies the second name: mirrors, cherubs, chandeliers, marble, and wood. Entered here it almost feels like going back in time.

If you are heading to Porto you can’t miss out this place, have a delicious breakfast & brunch. Most of the people came here to drink coffee and eat the traditional pastel de nata. If you want to know more about the menu of Majestic visit the website.

The Bird

breakfast & brunch in porto the bird

The bird is considered the intersection of art, food, and drink. They have a very cute sunny little garden with relaxing music playing.

They usually offer crafted beverages and a unique take on wine varietals. The price is fair, 12 € for the brunch menu and there’s nothing better than refuelling with a fine meal at a nice place in the Foz district.

The scrumptious scones are great with fruit jam and so are the fruit juices or tasty tea.

Maria Bola

breakfastbrunch in porto maria bola

Located in one of the calmest parts of the city, in the area of Cedofeita are this adorable Victorian-style café and bakery.

In the interior, an elegant lounge area with tiled black & white corridor makes this a cosy place to eat. You can either head upstairs or to the cute outdoor terrace.

This place has a unique pastry from the Lamego region, called ‘bolas de Lamego’ (a loaf baked in the oven with smoked ham).

Order a cuppa with a slice of homemade cake or some kind of salted delicacies. At weekends you can enjoy a lovely brunch in this casual welcoming atmosphere with good music.

Miss’ Oporto

breakfast & brunch in porto miss oporto

Don’t miss this cool restaurant/bar in the maze of alleyways up from the Ribeira. It’s almost a shame this absolute gem of a restaurant/bar wasn’t so much visit like another place to eat breakfast & brunch in Porto.

This place runs a minimalist clothes store in the back and there is the guest house too, which is designed in the same atmosphere of the restaurant; grey industrial walls and minimalistic wooden bed.

The restaurant/bar with chalk-smeared concrete walls, an eclectic collection of wooden antique furniture and equally charming staff, Miss’Opo exalts coolness.

The menu changes daily and is read to diners individually by the server. Open for Sunday brunch.

Noshi Coffee

breakfast & brunch in porto noshi

Noshi is a speciality hip and healthy cafe with a welcoming atmosphere.

The concept is linked to nature, where an interior pátio with a hanging garden stands out, with a small spout with running water and several hanging pots to reinforce the green philosophy.

You’ll find a good coffee selection, including cappuccinos (€2.20), soy lattes, 100% Arábica espressos and filter coffees. The food menu includes open toasties topped with combos like pear, chèvre cheese, honey and nuts, or avocado, mozzarella and dried chilli.

You will love the chia pudding, oatmeal all prepared with vegetable milk, açai with fruits, yoghurt, honey, and granola or a simple pancake.

There are also salads and pasta, plus gluten-free options. You should come to Noshi it is for sure one of the top places to have breakfast & brunch in Porto.

After this delicious post, you must be salivating. Porto is a must to visit for food lovers.

Have you experienced a breakfast & brunch in Porto?

If so, can you tell us what your favourite place? If not, you must visit Porto and go to one of these places, they are so delicious.

It’s easy to visit Porto nowadays, just pick a flight with Momondo to Sá Carneiro Airport and book your hotel with Agoda (Win a 30% discount here).

For moving around you can use Porto public transports or rent-a-car if you need more autonomy.

You will never regret to visit this beautiful city. 

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