Here you have 15 things you should know about Paiva Walkways before you go in an adventure through this amazing place.

In the Arouca municipality, located in the North of Portugal there’s a crown jewel to eco-travellers, the Paiva Walkways. This is a must do visit if you love nature. You will be taking through a biologic, geologic and archeologic journey in a natural sanctuary. Expect to see some quartz crystals and Europe endangered species.


Before you visit Paiva Walkways, where’s 15 things you should know:

  1. Paiva Walkways are also part of Arouca Geopark.
  2. Paiva Walkways extends for 8km, you can visit between sunrise and sunset. The schedule is 7:30 to 20:00 from April to October and 09:00 to 17:00 from November to March.
  3. Since 13 of February 2016, you have to pay 1 euro to entry in Paiva Walkways. Therefore it's better to book online, only 3500 were allowed per day.
  4. It is forbidden the entry of animals and even prams, please avoid making noises and attitudes that disturb the local peace.
  5. There are emergency phones along the way, so if you are not feeling well contact the authorities.
  6. Wear comfortable shoes and appropriated clothing.
  7. Bring water with you, the trail can be a lit bit demanding.
  8. Do not damage nature, don’t throw litter away and do not collect plants or rock samples.
  9. You can enjoy shaded areas along the route and take a chance to do a picnic, one option is at the Vau beach.
  10. If your physical level is not so good, choose the route Areinho – Espiunca, it’s less demanding.
  11. There is a parking lot at Areinho beach, in Canelas. If you want some food or water you have a bar there too.
  12. There are small coffee shops at the entry (or end) both sides of the walkways.
  13. If you only want to do one away there are taxi's at the end of each route, the price is around 10€/15€.
  14. Among other awards, Paiva Walkways was elected in December of 2018 World Leading Adventure Tourist Attraction at World Travel Awards.
  15. Next year, Paiva River will have the longest pedestrian suspended bridge in Portugal. The bridge was inspired by Inca bridges that crossed the deep valleys and mountains of the Andes. Do not go if you have fear of heights because it's a glazed bridge with 150 meters high, the same as 50 floors.
Paiva Walkways / Passadiços do Paiva (13)

In the breath-taking landscape along the Paiva River, this walkway was designed in dialogue with nature, morphology and panoramic views.

If you want to see more photos of Paiva walkways, check out our still & motions.

For more informations visit the oficial site :

Gps Coordinates:

40°59'34.67"N    8°12'41.19"W

40°57'9.68"N    8°10'33.05"W


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