Must-See Attractions in Norway

Norway, the land of the midnight sun and stunning fjords, is a real treasure trove of unique and breathtaking attractions. This Scandinavian country is a must-visit for any avid traveller, offering a blend of natural beauty, rich history, and vibrant culture. In this article, we will explore some of the most remarkable attractions in Norway that you simply cannot miss.
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Norway, a Scandinavian gem, is a paradise for nature lovers and history enthusiasts alike. With its stunning fjords, captivating Northern Lights, and rich cultural heritage, Norway offers an array of unforgettable experiences. In this article, we will delve into some of the best attractions in Norway that should be on every traveller’s bucket list.

The Northern Lights

Must-See Attractions in Norway - Aurora Borealis on body of water during daytime

No visit to Norway would be complete without witnessing the mesmerizing spectacle of the Northern Lights. Also known as Aurora Borealis, these celestial lights paint the night sky in vibrant hues of green, pink, and purple. The best places to experience this natural phenomenon are in the northern regions of Tromsø and Svalbard, particularly during the winter months.

The Norwegian Fjords


Norway’s fjords are a testament to the country’s extraordinary natural beauty. These deep-sea inlets, surrounded by towering cliffs, offer some of the most picturesque landscapes on the planet. The Geirangerfjord and the Nærøyfjord, both listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites, are among the most breathtaking fjords you can explore. Embark on a boat tour or a hiking trip to truly appreciate their majesty.



Oslo, Norway’s capital, is a vibrant city teeming with cultural and historical attractions. The Viking Ship Museum, housing well-preserved 9th-century Viking ships, offers a glimpse into Norway’s seafaring history. The Oslo Opera House, with its striking modern architecture, and the Vigeland Park, home to over 200 sculptures by Gustav Vigeland, are other must-visit spots in the city.

Bergen and the Hanseatic Wharf


Bergen, often referred to as the gateway to the fjords, is a city that beautifully blends tradition with modernity. The city’s historic Hanseatic Wharf, Bryggen, is a UNESCO World Heritage site, featuring colourful wooden buildings that date back to the 14th century. The Fløibanen funicular will take you up to Mount Fløyen, offering panoramic views of the city and the surrounding fjords.

The Lofoten Islands

Must-See Attractions in Norway- red and grey houses near river during daytime

The Lofoten Islands, located within the Arctic Circle, are known for their distinctive scenery with dramatic mountains, open sea, sheltered bays, and untouched lands. These islands offer a plethora of outdoor activities, including hiking, fishing, and wildlife watching. Don’t miss the opportunity to spot sea eagles, whales, and other wildlife in their natural habitat.

The Atlantic Ocean Road

Must-See Attractions in Norway -- an aerial view of a beach and ocean

The Atlantic Ocean Road, one of the most scenic routes in the world, is a must-visit for road trip enthusiasts. This 8.3-kilometer stretch of road connects several islands through a series of bridges, offering stunning views of the surrounding seascape. It’s a unique way to experience Norway’s coastal beauty.

Stavanger and the Pulpit Rock

group of people on mountain cliff

Stavanger, the oil capital of Norway, is also the gateway to the famous Pulpit Rock (Preikestolen). This massive cliff, rising 604 meters above the Lysefjord, offers one of the best views in Norway. The hike to the top is challenging but rewarding, with panoramic views of the fjord and surrounding landscape.


Must-See Attractions in Norway -- brown and red concrete building beside body of water during daytime

Trondheim, Norway’s first capital, is a city rich in history and culture. Visit the Nidaros Cathedral, the northernmost medieval cathedral in the world, and the Archbishop’s Palace, one of the best-preserved buildings of its kind in Europe. The city’s old town, Bakklandet, with its charming wooden houses and narrow streets, is perfect for a leisurely stroll.


Must-See Attractions in Norway -- 2 person walking on snow covered ground during daytime

For a truly unique Norwegian experience, venture to Svalbard, an archipelago situated between mainland Norway and the North Pole. Known for its rugged and remote terrain, Svalbard is a haven for wildlife, including polar bears, reindeer, and Arctic foxes. The region also offers a range of adventurous activities, such as dog-sledding, glacier hiking, and exploring ice caves.

The Sami Culture in Finnmark

woman in red coat and black pants sitting on snow covered ground beside black and brown

Experience the rich Sami culture in Finnmark, the northernmost region of Norway. The Sami are the indigenous people of the Nordic countries. Visit a traditional Sami camp, interact with reindeer, and learn about the Sami way of life and their close connection to nature.


photography of gray and white buildings beside shore during daytime

Alesund, known for its Art Nouveau architectural style, is another must-see city in Norway. After a devastating fire in 1904, the city was rebuilt with stone buildings adorned with turrets, spires, and beautiful ornamentation. The city is also the gateway to the iconic Geirangerfjord.

The Trollstigen Road

a large rock on a mountain

Trollstigen, or the Troll’s Path, is a serpentine mountain road that is a popular tourist attraction due to its steep incline of 10% and eleven hairpin bends. At the top, you can enjoy panoramic views of the road with its bends and the Stigfossen waterfall.

Jotunheimen National Park

plant field near moutnain

Jotunheimen National Park is home to Norway’s highest mountains, Galdhøpiggen and Glittertind. It’s a paradise for hikers and climbers, with numerous trails and mountain peaks to explore. The park is also home to a diverse range of flora and fauna, including reindeer, elk, and lynx.

In conclusion, these must-see attractions in Norway offer a diverse range of experiences, from witnessing the ethereal Northern Lights to exploring the vibrant cities and experiencing the rich cultural heritage. Whether you’re a nature lover, a history buff, or an adventure seeker, Norway has something to offer for every traveller. So, pack your bags and get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey through this Scandinavian wonderland!

FAQ About Attractions in Norway

What is the best time to visit Norway for sightseeing?

The best time to visit Norway for sightseeing is during the summer months (June to August) when the weather is warmest and the days are longest. This is also the best time to experience the Midnight Sun in the northern regions.

Can I see the Northern Lights from Oslo?

While it’s possible to see the Northern Lights from Oslo, it’s relatively rare due to the city’s southern location and light pollution. For the best chance to see the Northern Lights, head to the northern regions of Norway like Tromsø or Svalbard during the winter months.

How can I visit the Norwegian fjords?

The Norwegian fjords can be explored in various ways. You can take a fjord cruise, go on a guided tour, or even hike in the surrounding areas. Some of the most popular fjords to visit include the Geirangerfjord, Nærøyfjord, and Sognefjord.

Is it safe to drive on the Atlantic Ocean Road?

Yes, it is safe to drive on the Atlantic Ocean Road. The road is well-maintained and offers stunning views of the surrounding seascape. However, it’s important to check the weather conditions before your trip as the road can be challenging to navigate in severe weather.

What wildlife can I see in the Lofoten Islands?

The Lofoten Islands are home to a diverse range of wildlife. You can spot sea eagles, puffins, moose, and various species of whales. Remember to respect the wildlife and maintain a safe distance.

Can I hike to Pulpit Rock (Preikestolen)?

Yes, you can hike to Pulpit Rock. The hike is challenging but rewarding, offering stunning views of the Lysefjord. It’s recommended to hike during the summer months when the trail conditions are best.

Remember, these are just a few of the many attractions in Norway. There’s so much more to explore and discover in this beautiful country!

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