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Exchange Work For Accommodation With Worldpackers

Worldpackers is the collaborative platform connecting travellers to hosts. You can exchange work for accommodation there and travel the world.
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A long time ago travel almost for free seems a myth. But, nowadays it’s happening and more people are doing it. Many times they exchange work for accommodation.

How? Did you ever hear about Worldpackers? No, we are going to tell you everything.

Now is a good time to start travelling. There are plenty of new amazing programs that help you with travelling easier, more affordable and in the majorities of cases exchange work for accommodation.

Worldpackers is a collaborative platform that connects you (traveller) with hosts around the world. You only need to be willing to help you host. This can be with volunteering abroad in awesome social or eco-projects or even with work exchange. The platform provides an extensive list of hosts to choose from, hostels, guesthouses, communities, NGOs where you can help and receive food, stay and other benefits.

This is a unique opportunity to also immerse you in local culture and learn new skills. You can take a short holiday break or a full gap year. Join the 1.5+ million people and start to travel.

Worldpackers Community

Work Exchange: what is and how does it work?

Nowadays, we heard a lot of exchange work for accommodation. But, what is really work exchange? It’s literally meaning exchange your work, abilities or some for free accommodation. Sometimes even for meals, transport or other benefits.

Work exchange is a good solution for those who want to travel flexibility. This gives you the power to decide where to go, what to do and how much time to stay.

It’s also a win-win situation. Mainly because, can benefit the two parts, travellers and hosts. There is no limit to what kinds of places can offer. From simple tasks in hostels, like at the reception to more skilled tasks like marketing and improving a website.

The premise is easy: collaborative exchange. Mainly, between someone who wants to offer time and skills while travelling and a host looking for help in a determinate field.

All the conditions may be distinct from a place to another. This is why you should talk to the host and all be agreed beforehand.

Why Choose Worldpackers?

Worldpackers is a fantastic platform for first time user of this kind of service. It is ideal to exchange work for accommodation and have some of the best volunteer programs you can get around the world.

The platform is very focussed on safety and security. This makes Worldpackers one of the most trusted platforms of its kind.

The immensity of programs that can fit every traveller, the 24/7 support center and the fact they offer insurance it is a huge step in this kind of service. In addition, Worldpackers also have a blog. Useful information can be found there.

At any point, if you still have questions, you can contact experts member, who are experienced travellers. They will help you to understand everything better. Just go to the community tab on this link.

Types of Programs

Worldpackers programs gardening

Worldpackers is a vast platform. They for sure have something that fits you. In fact, they have always something for any kind of traveller, looking for any kind of experience.

The platforms not only allows you to search for projects by type but, also by availability, how to help, skills and host type.

There is a diverse range of volunteer jobs in Worldpackers platforms. The most common to search are:

  • Community work;
  • Language teaching;
  • Welcoming and helping guests;
  • Entertaining guests;
  • Cleaning and housekeeping;
  • Building, renovation, and maintenance;
  • Kitchen and bar help;
  • Photography and video;
  • Social Media and Marketing;
  • Improving websites and SEO;
  • Eco activities;
  • Gardening;
  • Farming;
  • Tour guide;
  • Teaching Sport;
  • Child Care;
  • Animal Care.

To join these programs it only requires signing in. It is requested to pay a 49$ fee yearly. This will be paid after the first week of free accommodation.

You can have a 10$ discount. Just click in this link and start saving money.

Who Volunteers with Worldpackers?

Work exchange worldpackers

Everyone is welcome to join Worldpackers. As they have a good list of programs it would fit a variety of travellers.

Although they serve all travellers, there are three main categories that call attention. Here are the reasons why people mostly sign up because:

– They are travelling alone. Some of them are even travelling for the first time. So they use Worldpackers as a matter of security.

You can make use of this if you travel alone and want to exchange work for accommodation. Worldpackers provides a helping hand when you need. Also, they have reviews from other travellers in each project and host go through a verification process;

– They want to make a long trip, usually at least 3 months. In these cases, volunteering is the perfect way to travel on a budget. Not spending too much is an important fact for all travellers;

A great part of our travelling budget is for accommodation and food. With Worldpackers you can reduce this and afford to travel for much longer;

– They want to learn or practice new languages. The language is for many people an obstacle to travel.

They are afraid to do not knowing the local language or only a few words. But, what they didn’t realize is that travelling is a great opportunity to learn and practice a new language. Worldpackers gives you this chance. It is cultural immersion, much more than just a language course.

Benefits of travel with Worldpackers

Worldpackers work volunteer help

Grow the skills you have

People often think if they already have good skills they can’t learn more with this. Being in a different country, with culture and traditions distinct from ours, is a test for your skills.

You will be requested to look at things in an entirely different manner; to understand things from an improved point a view. It gives you the possibility to grow your skills, do things in another way, learn, adjust and progress.

So, it’s introspective for what you are and the skills you have.

Learn new skills

Joining an experience with Worldpackers can also give you a chance to learn new skills. It’s interesting to see. Contact with other countries, new realities, and new cultures will push you to develop new skills.

This could be an advantage experience. You will have the opportunity to acquire new skills while having an amazing experience, being in a new country. What else can you ask for? Enjoy every moment.

Live like a local and experience a new culture

Exchange work for accommodation

When you go on vacation to a different country is totally the opposite while living with a community of locals. The opportunity to live and work with the local community is unique.

You will see, feel and interact with the people that truly know the country’s traditions and culture. As is commonly said, if you want to know a country you have to know deep the local people.

So, nothing better as a Worldpackers volunteer. Exchange work for accommodation and, get the chance to immerse in a new culture. Travel is also about this. To interact, to be truly authentic in the experience of a new culture.

Be in a collaborative environment

Exchange work for accommodation gardening

The exchange work for accommodation purpose and volunteer experience is all about being collaborative. With Worldpackers programs, you will be part of a team. Other workers and volunteers from around the world will join you.

The diversity of people, from different cultures and different languages, can be an advantage. It will give you the possibility to cooperate, have a positive attitude and, be tolerant. You will learn from the very beginning the importance of team efficiency and connection as a key to success.

To engage in a collaborative environment out of your comfort zone thrive your capacity to associate and work with others in spite of cultural differences, convictions, social standards and tendencies, and nationality.

To travel is also, to connect. With a country, with local people, with traditions, with a new culture and other people.

Travel for free

If you have a tied budget to travel, Worldpackers is a great way to save money. Besides other benefits already mentioned above. With all the programs they have, you can save in accommodation, food, transportation, and even other expenses.

This is also great because it fits a lot of travellers. Some of them only join Worldpackers for a single-trip experience. Normally, they like it so much that ends up making use of the platforms more often.

Travel on a budget, with a low budget, is so easy. Exchange work for accommodations and other expenses and start your journey around the world.

Is Worldpackers safe?

One of the biggest questions, when we talk about these programs, is if it’s safe. Worldpackers is a serious platform. They always take the necessary measures to make the entire experiences as safe as possible.

We like Worldpackers because they are consistently supporting you. They are different from other platforms. To ensure safety they provide the following support:

Verified Hosts

If you want to become a host in the platform, you need to pass the verification process. A team from Worldpackers will chat with the host and make some question to ensure the safety of the experience they offer.

Once verified, the host also gets reviews from travellers who have stayed and volunteered with them. This is the convenient part. You can read all the reviews and get the real sense of what to expect.

Support team

worldpakers support

Worldpackers have an unstoppable team. They are there for you 24/7. The customer service team can be reached by in-app, by email and phone.

This is great because, if you are travelling and need support you can reach them. They will try their best to help you no matter what.

Worldpackers Insurance

Another good point of Worldpackers is they offer insurance. If you have any problem with your experience or host during your stay, they will cover you.

Normally, 3 nights are covered at the nearby hostel. Also, the support team will get you set up with another Worldpacker host as soon as possible.

Experts & Community

The main principle for Worldpackers is the community. They really think this is important to keep the balance and be safe when travel.

On the website, you can check other member stories, review and advise on the experiences. It is possible for a newer member to chat with expert Worldpackers. They will answer the entire questions you have about the destination they’ve been to. Tips, advice on visas, languages difficulties and other bureaucracies can respond there.

The website also shows you the fellow travellers that are travelling and in Worldpackers experiences at the moment.

How to start?

Another advantage on the Worldpackers website is that the process to join the community is well explained.

There are different videos. On the first one, you can understand more about the platform. Also, how and why it was born and who are the people that travel with Worldpackers.

These are the simple steps to join the Worldpackers community:

1 – First of all, you have a sign in to become a Worldpackers member. It is a simple process and only takes 5 minutes. Here you can have a 10$ discount:

worldparcker-thewisetravellers discount

2 – After sign in you have to create your personal profile. Just fill up all the fields like, interests, what type of trip you want and where. You can have personal information about what languages do you spoken and skills that you have. This is an important step. Hosts will check everything they can on the personal profile;

worldparcker-thewisetravellers apply

3 – Now, you are ready for applying to positions with different hosts. Choose from a vast range of experiences the most you desire. After you find something you like don’t forget to always read the host reviews and what are the terms proposed. Also, keep in mind what you get in return for some responsibilities. You can talk to the host and ask any questions you have;

4 – Wait to get pre-approved if the host likes your profile;

5 – Finally, it is time to confirm your trip and pack your bags. Enjoy the experience and share everything.

If you like this article please share it. Also, any questions about Worldpackers or anything in the article please leave us a comment below.

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