How to Travel With Your Bike

How to travel with your bike is always a big question for those who want to enjoy bike riding around the world. Find here some of the best tips.
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Travel with your bike for the first time can be an intimidating process especially if you are going overseas.

Besides, taking more than one method of transportation can be just as tedious. Below are some outlined options for you if you want to travel with your bike to help you have a stress free bike ride along.

Overseas Travel

If you are thinking about travel with your bike overseas, it’s important to check the airline’s guidelines for the dos and don’ts for carrying sports gears and the charges associated with taking your bike as luggage. Different airlines may have different charges so it is very important to look up the requirements beforehand so as to know what to expect when you get there. If you have connecting flights, do your research about the next airline that you are going to use.

Bike preparation for travelling

Now that you have confirmed all the details of your flight, you can’t just take your bike in its original foam to the airport. You have to disassemble and package it for easy and safe transportation.

Here is the procedure to follow when packing your bike:

  1. Detach the back wheel.
  2. Unfasten the derailleur.
  3. Use bubble wrap or foam to cover the derailleur.
  4.  Take the pedals off
  5. Pack the back wheels in your bike box.
  6. Take off the front wheel
  7. Detach the front wheel.
  8. Deflate the tires.
  9. Use cardboard to prevent your disc brake pads from touching each other.
  10. Cover the bike with your bubble wrap or foam to keep it protected.
  11. You are ready to pack your bike now.
  12. Remove seat posts and handlebars.
  13. Duct tape handlebars to the frame.

You could also use your own clothes as padding; this will save you on buying the bubble wraps or styrofoam. Any extra space in the bag can be utilized in storing the helmet and other gears.

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Going by road

At some point in our lives, we get the need to get in our vehicles and just drive off with our bikes to ride while on the trip. Travelling using your car is a great idea if you want to spend some quality time with family or friends.

Before you start your journey, there are some factors to look at if you are to travel with your bike. The first one is the safety of the bike. You have to think of the best way to carry the bike without it being damaged or stolen. Here are some ways to transport it.

Inside the car

Detach the front wheel of the bike, drop the back seats and put your bike inside the car.


You will definitely feel more at ease having your bike in the car even when you are not riding especially if it the best mountain bike under 500 dollars.


Spacing will be an issue because the bike or bikes will have taken most of it. Your family or buddies would have to squeeze themselves in the car.

On the back of your car

If you want to carry the bike at the back of your car then you have to buy a rear – mount a bike rack that will enable you to hold the bike firmly at the back without a lot of trouble.


This option will give you more space so that your friends and family can fit in the car comfortably with enough legroom for everyone.


Carrying more than one bike becomes risky because of the movements the car can make which could scratch your best full suspension mountain bike for the money. Trunk accessibility might also be hindered.

Bus rides

There are specific bus companies that would allow you to travel with your bike but some of them are very strict on the packing. So you have to be well informed of their regulations in advance don’t just show up with your bike in its original form and hope that it will be transported.

Be fit

The idea of going to another location to ride your bike sounds very exciting but it can turn out to be a nightmare, especially if you are not physically prepared. You might go to a very hilly terrain and you get overwhelmed, so it is always good to be well prepared.

travel with your bike wise travellers


Make sure that you carry a torch, back up batteries, pump, raingear, a phone charger and a physical map of your destination just to be on the safe side if you want to travel with your bike.


The most important thing when you travel with your bike is to research and plan ahead. Don’t just think about the bike alone but also about yourself, your state of health and mind are of high priority. Once you have done that, you can have a wonderful time without fear or worries, always be safe.

Read more about travel gear & tech or find the information that you need to plan your dream travel in our travel resources.

Guest post by Paul Devault from Best MTB Gear

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